Dave’s Simply the Best Dog Food Recall

Dog food recall alert.  The Safe Pet Treats app will identify this product by scanning the barcode should you happen to come across it at the pet store.  The app is available for Apple and Android devices.

Product: Dave’s Simply the Best Dog
Code Date: BUB Oct 15 16

Complaint: Refusal, off odor

Initial Findings: Customer supplied date code information and retain samples were pulled and tested. Peroxide value was high, indicating rancidity. Batch documentation was reviewed, and an investigation into the source was initiated. All lot code information was captured as per batch record. No outdated materials were used, however it was noted on a subsequent production run of another product that the rice bran being used had an off odor. This product contains rice bran and could have been the source of the off odor. There was no odor noted during the manufacture of the product in question. The remaining totes of rice bran were discarded.

Corrective Action: Credit has been issued to the customer and a voluntary recall of the product was initiated by Dave’s All Natural

Preventive Action: research further when raw materials become discrepant and the finished products that they are constituents of. Resample any finished products that be may be affected by addition of a suspect ingredient even if that product shows no sign of being sub standard.

Dave's simply the best dog food
Dave’s simply the best dog food



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