Knick Knack Paddywhack, give a dog a bone?


This seemingly simple question made this old nursery rhyme pop into my mind. From somewhere growing up, I had always known it was not safe to feed certain bones to our pets.

Chicken bones and pork bones were the worst, but beef were ok, right?  Not necessarily. As long as they are fresh, not dried or cooked in any manner all is ok, right?  Unfortunately, not so simple as a nursery rhyme.

We heard about this on Facebook and did some additional research into it.  We were saddened to find a multitude of heartbreaking stories of many beloved pets becoming ill and some even dying from unsafe pet food products purchased with the belief they were safe.

These stories describe horrible symptoms these pets have had to endure, from splinters and pieces causing internal blockages and tears, to pancreatitis.

It seems over the last several years there has been growing concern over the Dynamic Ham Bone.  The BBB issued a warning back in March of 2010 after numerous complaints about this particular brand pet bone treat.  They saw a decrease in complaints at that time, but recently they are again seeing an increase in problems. Consumer Affairs has also received many complaints.

Dynamic bone

The FDA has checked into these types of complaints but did not issue any pet food recalls.  They do however warn about feeding any kind of bones to pets.  The processed products may be dried or baked, and other ingredients, flavorings and preservatives may be added.

The stories of the pain these pets have endured are beyond scary.  It boggles the mind that if this happens so frequently  these pet food products are still available to buy.

After reading this from Petmd, we decided we could make it simple.  With so many other safe pet treat options, there was simply no reason to take a risk with our girls and we implemented a No Bones about it policy!

If your dog has been sickened or worse after eating a Real Ham Bone, please file a complaint with the BBB and your senator, and submit a report to the FDA’s Safety Reporting Portal.

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