Mobile App identifies recalled pet food

Since 2014 there have been 52 pet food recalls.  Sometimes recalled products remain on the shelves of retail stores for days after the recall has been announced.  Our pet food recall mobile app will identify these recalled products and help you protect your pet!  Check out our commercial.

Our goal is to provide every pet owner in America with a tool to help protect their pets from recalled pet food products and harmful ingredients.  We can’t imagine anything as awful as salmonella passed down to our girls through a product that could have been avoided.  You hear about these recalls on the news and within the last few years it has increased.  With the Safe Pet Treats™ app you’ll be able to spot these recalled products instantly and even report it’s location immediately with one push of a button so the FDA can be alerted.

Protect your pets by scanning these products prior to purchase and make sure they are safe!



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