The Safe Pet Treats App is now LIVE!

We are happy to announce that the Safe Pet Treats mobile app is now live!  If you’re a pet owner, you’ll want to add this free app to your collection.  The app scans pet food barcodes right from the store to determine if the FDA has recalled the product or if it is safe.  The app also allows you to report recalled pet food products anonymously to the FDA in less than 10 seconds. Download the app today!

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FDA Recall Pet Food Products are out there

Since 2011, 956 pet food recalls have been announced by the FDA.  It is up to the manufacturer of the pet food product to contact every single retailer to have the product removed. Unfortunately, some of these products remain on the shelves of retail stores for days after the recall is announced.  Click here to check out our blog entry on a recalled product we purchased.  Arm yourself with this app to identify recalled pet food products and report them anonymously when found.

App Features

Every product includes a UPC/Barcode on the packaging. The next time you’re at the pet store, scan the UPC/Barcode with this app to determine if the pet food product is safe.

Have you ever wondered if a certain brand of pet food has been recalled? The manual search feature is a great way to find out if your favorite pet food brand has been recalled within the last couple of years.

It is very easy to just put the recalled product back on the shelf and go about your day, but why risk the health of other pets when you can report the pet food company for not having the product removed from the retail store? With the Safe Pet Treats app you will not only have the power to look after the well-being of your pet, but others also.

As soon as the database is updated with a new recalled product an alert will be sent out in the form of a push notification to your smartphone.

A safe scan result will also give you similar product alternatives which you can purchase instantly through Amazon. These alternatives may be less expensive resulting in savings for you.

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Safe Pet Treats App


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